Types of Glass.

There are various sorts of glass for several glass applications Particular applications require that you utilize strengthened/ shatterproof glass as where others will certainly require double glazed or basic glass. In either instance if you have damaged glass it is always a good suggestion to call your local glazier to change it.

Kinds of glass as well as their applications.

When changing glass glaziers will certainly constantly try to replace it with the exact same type of glass that it was ie. unbreakable glass with toughened glass etc. This is because of numerous elements however the primary being that specific applications legally need particular glass types (example: A shower screen can just have shatterproof glass. Reason being inferior glass will certainly smash as well swiftly with the rapid transformed in temperature from chilly to warm). Below is a listing of a few of the extra typical kinds of glass and their usages.

Annealed Glass

Otherwise known as float glass, it is easily damaged and also breaks into glass fragments which are very sharp as well as extremely dangerous. This is the base glass that is made use of in the manufacturing of other glass items such as laminated glass. This glass can be utilized in the manufacturing of mirrors by utilizing a reflective adhesive as a backing.


This glass is predominately utilized for windows as well as attractive table tops and also mirrors. Because of it breaking easily it isn’t recommended to be changed with the very same especially if it was used in a window or door. Seldom is the glass used in contemporary building and construction as it has actually been replaced with safety glass for included safety and security.

Solidified Glass

Otherwise referred to as toughened glass, is a sort of shatterproof glass. This glass gets into small rounded/squared items which are a lot less harmful to the body. This glass is up to 5 times more powerful than float glass and also has a much higher resistance to impacts. It likewise has a smaller danger of thermal damage when contrasted to other glass.


You can see solidified or strengthened glass all throughout the residence from shower screens and also front doors to windows as well as swimming pool fencings. Toughened glass is likewise made use of in furniture such as coffee as well as table. You can even use it in the cooking area as bench tops and also splashbacks.

Laminated Glass

This sort of glass is additionally a type of shatterproof glass. Unlike solidified as well as hardened glass when laminated glass breaks it maintains every one of the shards together unharmed. Laminated glass is additionally able to be tinted with a unique UV color in order to reduce glare and assistance to keep warmth in or out of the house.


Usually anywhere other than shower displays can be laminated glass. Due to its anti glow it is frequently made use of in care windows and also high end homes in order to maintain the desired heat in and also unwanted warm out. Laminated safety glass is wonderful for swimming pool fences as well as baulistrades as it doesn’t shatter into shards or squares.

Who can replace glass?

It is highly recommended to have any type of glass set up and also changed by a professional glazier. This is to make certain that the installation is carried out correctly and that you won’t have any type of problems later on down the track from inadequate installation. Damages done as a result of poor installation by a non registered glazier can additionally violate insurance plan and also even create you to be not covered.

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